Portal Development :

A web system that provides the functions and features to authenticate and identify users with easy, intuitive, personalized user customizable web interface is called a Portal.

Portals are designed to aggregate, streamline and simplify business to customer (B2C), business to employee (B2E), and business to partner (B2P) communications and interactions. The ability to quickly and securely share information with customers, partners and employees is a must in today’s market.

Your enterprise portal can be your source of income and it is often a customer’s first impression of your company. We can help you anticipate changing user needs and demands by creating intelligent portals to integrate and disseminate information and conduct business transactions with seamless functionality.

Enterprises these days are increasingly demanding newer collaboration platforms to connect with partners, prospects and customers, that are easy to use and can level up their productivity. Organizations that have adopted cloud collaboration platforms have been able to stay ahead significantly. The most staggering benefit for any user of these collaboration platforms is the connectivity it provides with internal and external stakeholders.

The ability to share and deliver information to employees as well as customers has been achieved by the increasing availability of secure collaboration tools.  It’s not just about technology; it’s about people-oriented approach to reach productive and safe collaboration.

Wikpro leverages various collaboration platforms and technologies to provide you a solution that suits your organization’s needs. The following are the solutions that Wikpro offers:

  • SharePoint Portal Development
  • Liferay Portal Development
  • Alfresco Development

We consider following activities as the prerequisite for recommending portal development architecture and platform:

  • Full understanding of clients business and technical requirements
  • Wikpro and client agreement on Portal’s use cases/Usage scenarios
  • Understanding implications of the availability, scalability, recovery, and other non-functional and technical requirements
  • If previous application exists, then re-engineering and re-architecting within the context of client existing application architecture

The Wikpro portal development and consulting services:

  • Include internet portals, intranet portals, social networking and online communities, corporate portal, enterprise information portals and industry specific portals.
  • Offer strategy formulation for portal development
  • Customize application for specific trade structure
  • Include  database design and information architecture
  • Intensify present software application
  • Engineer new portal solutions
  • Integrate third party software into portal architecture. Offer high level portal architecture and wireframes.
  • Include a 24×7 web maintenance, portal administration and support services.
  • Economize infrastructure expenditure
  • Include database optimization
  • Have competent developers who give their best and meet project deadlines
  • Are cost effective
  • Technical expertise includes: development languages & technologies, web & application server platforms, interface design tools, languages and applications, database servers and operating systems

The web portal frameworks here are created using industry standard techniques and open source components.

An overview of the Wikpro framework:

Built on industry standard SharePoint, DotNetNuke, Microsoft.NET, PHP or Ruby ON Rails platforms.
Clear separation of Presentation , Business Logic and Data layers for maximum flexibility and scalability
Several built in core features such as multiple parent / child portal instances, ability to apply different skins to each portal or page, content management system, localization, security, personalization, module containers.
SharePoint, Liferay and Alfresco are also included
The types of portals included under open source portal development encompass:

Horizontal & vertical, community, personal, regional web, corporate web, and domain specific portals.

The existing modules within the Wikpro framework are:

  • User profile management
  • Registration/login
  • Newsletter/bulk email
  • Banner ads
  • Syndicated content (RSS)
  • Discussion Board and Blogs
  • Social networking
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment processing
  • Product catalog
  • Order Management

Wikpro creates a business portal for you that act as a repository of information from various sources, which is user friendly and becomes an acknowledged gateway for users worldwide. Quality with perfection is what their experts profess!